So, What are Stretch Marks Anyway?

Pregnancy stretch marks

What are stretch marks? If you've got them, this is probably one of the first things you are going to want to know.

This was exactly what I wanted to know when I first noticed the formation of my own stretch marks. I wasn't quite sure what they were.

Answering the question: What are stretch marks, is pretty easy. Quite simply, stretch marks are scar tissue, and these scars can pop up anywhere on our bodies: including our stomachs, breasts, hips, arms, legs, and butts.

The Science

Stretch marks (aka striae) occur when the elastic middle layer of skin (the dermis) has been broken down, overstretched, and torn. Once these fibers in the skin are “stretched” to their max, the end result is slightly indented, sometimes itchy, wavy streaks that are pinkish-red or purplish in color.

The exact color of stretch marks depends on a person's skin tone, and usually appear more brown in color on women with darker complexions.

The good news is that stretch marks don't remain in their bright, obnoxious state for long. Several months after they develop, these marks usually fade to a silvery gray or white color.

The Causes

While there are no hard and fast rules as to who will get them, there are several reasons a person is likely to develop stretch marks. Rapid weight gain or loss, poor diet, and genetics appear to be the main causes of these dreaded scars.

The Solutions

Now that we've answered the question: What are stretch marks, you're probably going to want to know how to prevent and get rid of these awful scars. Take heart! Not only can you help prevent stretch marks, you can also get rid of them with simple, natural skin care.

The best way to prevent stretch marks from occurring is to avoid rapid weight gain. Since this is not always possible, your next line of defense would be to eat healthy, stay hydrated, and keep skin moisturized.

Even with all the debate surrounding whether or not stretch marks can be prevented or greatly improved, there's definitely no harm in trying.

Science shows no proof of their effectiveness, however, many women swear natural skin care remedies have helped them prevent and get rid of stretch marks.

Coconut Oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter and, Vitamin E oil, are natural remedies many women have used with success.

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