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Why Natural Deodorant is Better

Switching to an all natural deodorant is one of the smartest skin care decisions you can make. These aluminum free deodorant brands are perfect for those looking for the safest body odor protection.

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No Soap for your face!!

I have naturally dry skin all year long. It is especially dry to the point of cracking in the winter. My lips will stay cracked unless I constantly apply

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Getting to the root of the problem

My head itches. A lot. No it's no nits, or anything like that, but dermatitis. I've been to a number of doctors about the condition, but there is not

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Home Remedies for Stretch Marks - Natural Skin Care for Stretch Marks

Women have used home remedies for stretch marks for generations to help prevent and get rid of their pregnancy "battle scars." Forget "miracle creams", and try stretch marks home remedies instead.

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Natural Skin Care Oils - Essential Oils and Carrier Oils for the Skin

Natural skin care oils are one of the best kept secrets of natural skin care. Find out which carrier and essential oils for skin can be used to treat almost any skin type or condition.

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