What Causes Stretch Marks ?
Natural Skin Care Information for Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks

Knowing what causes stretch marks and who is more likely to get them is very important in helping to prevent and improve them.

You've come to terms with the fact that you have them, but you want to know...

So, what causes stretch marks exactly? There are several reasons a person is likely to develop these dreaded scars.

While a lot of people tend to think that pregnant women are the only ones affected by stretch marks, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Oh no, I can attest to this! I've yet to experience the joy of pregnancy, however, much to my dismay, I have quite a few of my own!

Men aren't safe either (think bodybuilders). Though not as common in men, they too can fall victim to these dreaded marks.

In fact, stretch marks can affect ANYONE!

When it comes to answering the question "What causes stretch marks?", the answers are typically...

Rapid Weight Gain/Loss

body builderGaining too much weight too fast is basically what causes stretch marks. This is why maintaining a healthy, steady weight is so important.

Of course there are times in our life when rapid growth and weight gain can not be avoided. During adolescence, stretch marks are extremely common due to growth spurts and rapid weight gain.

Pregnancy is another time in our lives rapid growth and weight gain is difficult to avoid. While pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman's life, it is unfortunately one of the main causes of stretch marks.

In fact, only 10% of pregnant women avoid getting stretch marks.

Gym rats BEWARE! Body builders are also likely candidates for developing stretch marks. As much as you want to bulk up as quickly as you can, don't ruin all your hard work with stretch marks!

Take extra care to prevent stretch marks, and try not to gain too much muscle too fast.


It is also a common belief that stretch marks are genetic. So, if your mom has stretch marks, there's a pretty good chance you are more likely to get them too.

Poor Diet

Poor Diet

If you are a junk food junky like I used to be, BEWARE. It appears a poor diet is thought to be yet another cause of these dreaded marks.

Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet rich in Vitamins A,C,E, and Zinc may help protect your skin from developing stretch marks.

While these are the main causes, it is also reported that negative emotion(depression/extreme unhappiness), some medications and steroids, and sudden changes in physical or environmental conditions are also likely causes of stretch marks.

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules as to who will or won't get stretch marks. Typically, anyone who experiences rapid weight gain or rapid growth in general is more likely to develop them.

Stretch marks can pop up anywhere on our bodies: including our stomachs, breasts, hips, arms, legs, and butts.

Prevention and Luck

Stretch marks seem to be a bit like Russian Roulette. Even with the odds stacked against you, it's all about luck! There's no way to know for sure if you will or won't get them until it actually happens.

Knowing what causes stretch marks is only half of the battle. The good news is natural skin care offers many ways to help prevent and get rid of stretch marks naturally!