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Long gone are the days where wearing a natural sunscreen meant looking like you just stepped out of Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

New natural skin care formulas make use of finely milled mineral ingredients that won't leave you looking ghastly and pale.

The best thing about all natural sun care products, of course, is that they are void of toxic chemicals AND effective at blocking UVA and UVB rays.

Natural sun protection works by forming a film on top of the skin that reflects and scatters UV light.

Chemical sunblocks, on the other hand, soak into the skin, making them more likely to cause skin irritation and allergies.

Chemical sunscreens also contain potentially toxic ingredients including oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor and possible carcinogen.

Try These Top-Rated All Natural Sunscreen Brands

These EWG top-rated all natural sun care brands are perfect for those who are looking for the safest UVA protection. For more safe sunscreen options, be sure to check out Environmental Working Group's 2011 list of best safe sunscreens.


Badger is is my personal favorite safe sunscreen brand. All Badger sun care products are natural and organic containing 100% USDA Certified Organic plant oils and beeswax.

These natural and organic sun care products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, dyes, or chemicals of any kind. Badger products are probably the easiest to locate. I've found them at Whole Foods and Ulta, however, you are likely to find the best deals on the internet.

Badger products can be found in many popular online stores including Amazon and

  • Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 30+
  • Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30+
  • Sunscreen, Lightly Scented Lavender, SPF 30+
  • Sunscreen Face Stick, Unscented, SPF 30+
  • Sunscreen, Lightly Scented Lavender, SPF 15

Carribean Solutions

Caribbean Solutions Sunscreen

Caribbean Solutions biodegradable sunscreens are non-toxic and reef-friendly. These eco-safe sunscreens are water resistant and contain no parabens.

You can purchase Carribean Solutions sunscreens on the Caribbean Solutions website. You can also find really good deals on these sunscreens at and Amazon.

I picked up a bottle at Whole Foods for $16.99, which is quite pricey compared to stocking up online.

  • Natural/Biodegradable SolGuard, SPF 25
  • Sol Kid Kare Natural Sunscreen, SPF 25

Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden sun care products protect and nourish skin without harsh chemicals. These sunscreens are also packed with pure certified organic ingredients, and are gentle enough to use on kids. You can find great prices on these everyday natural sun care products at and Amazon.

  • Baby All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
  • Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
  • Kids Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
  • Facial Sunscreen, SPF 30+

Elemental Herbs

Antioxidant rich, chemical free and biodegradable, Elemental Herbs sun care products are safe enough for use on the entire family. These sunscreens offer broad UVA and UVB protection with the added herbal benefits of skin rejuvenation. These products are a bit pricey, however, you can find discounts on Amazon and

  • Sunscreen Sport, SPF 20
  • Kids Sunscreen, SPF 20
  • Sunstick Zinc Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 30
  • Sunscreen Sport, Tinted, SPF 22
  • Sunstick Zinc Sunscreen-Coconut, SPF 30

maui natural organics sunscreen

Maui Natural Organics

Maui Natural Organics all natural sun care products contain no PABA, Oxybenzone, Nano particles, or Parabens. These products are currently only available on the Maui Natural Organics website.

  • Maui Naturals Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
  • Surfer Honey Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
  • Surfer Honey Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 15
  • Maui Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 15

Purple Prairie Botanicals

Purple Prairie mineral sun care products protect and moisturize with a non-whitening formula. These natural and cruelty free products also contain organic shea and cocoa butters, which are believed to contain natural sun protection as well. These sun care products are pretty reasonably priced and can be purchased on the Purple Prairie Botanicals website and Amazon.

  • Sunstuff, SPF 30
  • Sun Stick, SPF 30

Shopping for Safe Sunscreens


Finding safe sunscreens locally can be tricky, but not impossible. Whole Foods has a great selection of natural sun care products.

I have been able to locate Alba Botanica, Badger, Burt's Bees, Kiss My Face, Lavera, and Jason Natural Cosmetics products at Whole Foods, Ulta, and some Target stores.

Local health food stores are also good place to look.

The internet, however, is by far the best place to purchase natural sun care items in terms of price and selection. You can always find natural sun care products for a great price at Amazon,, and

When shopping for sun care products, don't forget to scan the ingredient lists for potentially toxic chemicals. Always try to avoid the following: Oxybenzone, Vitamin A, Added Insect repellent, sprays, powders, and SPF above 50+.

Instead, opt for sun care products that list Zinc and Titanium dioxide as the active ingredients. These substances protect skin from harmful UVA radiation and remain on the skin, with little if any penetrating into the body.

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