Getting to the root of the problem

by Jenny

My head itches. A lot. No it's no nits, or anything like that, but dermatitis.

I've been to a number of doctors about the condition, but there is not a quick fix.
However, I am fortunate. Mine is in my hair. It does flake, and they are fair size plaques
that come off.

These can usually be caught by the hairbrush, so no one ever knows.

Medicated shampoo can help ease the symptoms but it is not a solution. Being thirty something, I've found that there is a common point in my life which makes my condition flare. Stress. Your not surprised, I can guess.

Getting to the root of my stresses helps.

So how to de-stress... well you have to solve the problem, or the causes of the stress.

Whether this is taking a walk in the woods (I have a love of trees), a long soak in the bath, or a good long chat with my husband to air today's 'problems'.

More recently though I've discovered massage. Having my back massage has helped!
I'm wondering if I should undertake some sessions of Reiki and the like, but time will tell.

For the moment though I use a coal-tar solution to keep the itching and plaques to a minimum, and as my life gets less stressful, I don't have to treat the symptoms as frequently! Win win!

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