Homemade Face Masks

Affordable and effective homemade face masks are as close as your pantry and fridge. They help nourish, stimulate, cleanse, and exfoliate the skin.

Homemade facials can also help soothe and calm inflammation, remove impurities, and improve the color and tone of skin.

Natural face masks are probably the simplest thing you can make at home and cost mere pennies to make.

Considering a spa facial can cost you anywhere from $40-$100+, homemade face masks are a great natural skin care alternative for anyone looking to save a few dollars.

Face Mask Recipes by Ingredient


Avocado Face Mask

A beauty secret of Latin American women for centuries, avocado is a nourishing natural skin care ingredient for all skin and hair types.


Banana Face Mask Recipe

Women of the Caribbean and South America have long used mashed bananas as a home remedy for dry skin and hair. Hydrate and revitalize skin with moisturizing banana face mask recipes.


Cleansing and anti-inflammatory, clay face masks absorb toxins, cleanse the skin, and improve circulation.


Egg Mask Recipe

One of the oldest natural beauty aids for skin, eggs are are inexpensive and readily available.


Honey Face Mask

Antiseptic, moisturizing, and regenerating, honey helps treat enlarged pores, dry and sensitive skin, and blackheads.


Oatmeal Mask Recipe

A moisturizer, exfoliator and itch reliever, oatmeal has been used for centuries as a skin soother.


Acne Skin Care Information

Papaya is rich in skin loving antioxidants, vitamins, and natural enzymes that leave skin nourished and exfoliated.


Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkin contains fruit acid enzymes that provide gentle exfoliation with minimal irritation.


Strawberry Face Mask

Cleansing, tightening, and lightening strawberrries are perfect for use on oily, combination skin, and acne prone skin.


Homemade Face Scrub Recipes

Naturally cooling and moisturizing, yogurt is the perfect skin soother.


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